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M1 is a LTE CAT4 wireless communication module designed for M2M and IoT with intelligent technology. It adopts LTE TDD and FDD technology and supports a maximum downlink rate of 150Mbps and a maximum upline rate of 50Mbps. M1 is compatible with the existing EDGE and GSM/GPRS/WCDMA networks to ensure the normal operation in remote areas lacking 3G and 4G networks. M1 is based on the Unisplendour ZhanRUI SL8541E platform, integrated with multi-mode GNSS receiver, and supports GPS, Glonass, Beidou( GALILEO and QZSS technology to achieve more accurate, more reliable, Built-in GNSS also greatly simplifies the application and design of customers M1 built-in rich network protocol, integration of a number of industrial standard interfaces, and support a variety of drivers and software functions (such as Windows7/8/8.1/10, Linux, Android and other operating systems under the USB virtual string driver, etc.); It has greatly expanded its application scope in the field of M2M and IoT, such as industrial routers, industrial PDA, tablet computers, video surveillance, digital signage, shared massage chairs, shared charging equipment, unmanned machines, vehicle systems, monitoring equipment, transmission Internet of Things and other industries
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